Friends and couples the long-awaited day has arrived… after much harassment and commentary I have decided to start a blog. 

With this said it won’t be one of these rants about what I like and dislike… it will be for the people. And by the people I mean you guys… the couples, the nearly married, the engaged, the almost engaged. You guys!

I will write about things my couples say and about things people ask and want to hear about. 

If this isn’t what you're after then this blog isn’t for you. 


I am forever getting asked about timelines by my couples and what should be booked in first. So, my first wedding blog post will be about “what to plan and when to plan it”


Alright let’s do this… lets blow this up!!!

31st July 2019




Okay lovers, I am forever getting asked by my couples when should I book this and when should I book that?  


The simple answer is yesterday…. Jokes not always. But sometimes it is. Wedding planning and timing is such a crucial thing to think of when you’re planning your wedding so get a few things sorted ASAP. I’m going to give you the top 5 vendors in my mind that need booking first. 


1. THE VENUE- Some people know where they want to get married and others have no clue. My advice. As soon as you think you might know the approximate date of the wedding then GET HUNTING!!! Venues book our years in advance now so get on this first. Nobody likes a cry baby when it comes to weddings. Planning a wedding can be testing enough on relationships.


Most venues will have at least a 1 year wait if you want a Fri/Sat/Sun wedding. But here’s the silver lining, many venues are tending to open up on other days of the week hence why we are seeing many more mid-week and Thursday weddings as a norm. 

And look if you aren’t sure of any venue at all… shop around! You will get an idea if it’s your style, in budget and has availability pretty darn quick. 


2. YOUR CELEBRANT!!!- You may laugh but yes, we folk book out years in advance too. You might think I’m nuts but I have bookings in 2021. It’s obviously our amazing storytelling and comedy which sets us apart from many other vendors… ha-ha kind of. 


A word of warning to those on a budget…. Please never ask your celebrant if that’s the best price you can do! We really don’t make a huge amount of money and if you saw what went into the planning of a wedding (approx 20hours of work) especially for a celebrant you would realise, we make very little. So please be kind. 


3. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER - Golly this can be a make or break vendor for your special day so get planning on these lovely people early. They book out a long way in advance too as well. And trust me…  you really don’t want to end up with old Aunty Sally just pointing and shooting at any old person or object on the day because you missed out on your chosen one. 


Get hunting on this one at least a year in advance. if you have that time up your sleeve my advice would be to definitely shop around. Photographers are very different when it comes to their style and approach so make sure your vision of the day is what they have in mind too. Your photos will be your best reminder of the day when you look back in 30 years so make sure you go with your gut. 


If you don’t know who you want…stalk anything weddings related on Instagram or in a magazine and you will soon get an idea of who you like and dislike. A photographers Instagram’s will be filled with content from previous work so you won’t go wrong. But definitely shop around. 


4. THE DRESS - Okay stop, collaborate and listen…. this is crucial!!!! You cannot wait until 3 months before the wedding to organise your dress. Well no you can, but it would be off the rack with alterations up to you! So yes, it can be done. But if you want the gown of your dreams or even something you’ve seen on a website or Insta page chances are you’ll need at least 6 months to organise. If it’s a couture piece some designers will only take certain amounts of clients on. I know my dress needed 9 month’s notice. Of course, it doesn’t take this long to make but the designer needs to allocate their time to make all the gowns. So please, please, please get onto this early. 


Grooms- I know most of you get your suits organised the week of the wedding. I laugh every time I hear a groom say this. So casual, so carefree but a word of warning it causes so much stress to the bride or other partner to know this but hey it’s on you.  Maybe having a look at least 3 months before the day will give you a decent idea of what you want and if you can get it. 


5. FLORIST/STYLIST -  Look we have all seen these weddings that are styled within an inch its life. Yes, they look GORG but these set ups take work and planning. So, if you’re thinking a flower wall/arbour/back drop then definitely give yourself 6-12 months to plan for this. Wedding stylists are not cheap…. it takes cash to make things look that stunning. But if it’s for you then jump on the bandwagon now and get it sorted. If you’re just after flowers and bouquets then stalk your florist online… you will get a great idea and vision for your florals from what they have already styled. You want your flowers to reflect you and let’s face it… they take up a huge part of the day. 


If you can get these 5 down pat then your cruising…. You’re a BRIDECHILLA (Thanks for the term Morgan) or glorious groom (the best I could come up with). 

Just remember guys this is your day and you will get out of it what you put in. The more organised you are the better the day will be…. I PROMISE. 

There are other things to organise that need time. The cake, the band, videographer, caterer (if needed) but these are my top 5. If you need any help with suppliers… let me know.